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Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine is a community magazine that brings visibility to the Marysville Tulalip region to thousands of homes. You can make yourself visible up to 50000 people for as low as 180.00.
Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's millions of monthly readers. Title: Mtl 0517 0003 marysville tulalip life magazine summer, Author: Quinnconcepts, ...

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M’ville Farmers Market inspiring for people of faith | Marysville Globe

Our fall issue is out-. Here is the link: If you have a local business and it needs to be made visible in North Snohomish County call or shoot me an email. Mary ...
National magazine presence. We design magazines in every industry: equestrian, real estate, education, couponing, legal... InDesign experts here!

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Raising Hands to Changing Elders | ALZWA Blog

Publisher/ Writer at Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine. There is a new Prayer Ministry in Snohomish County. It's Called the Marysville House of Prayer. We gather together every Saturday from 9-11 am. This is a Christian Based Ministry. We have 4 specific topics we pray every month. The month goes as ...
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Tulalip's Native American Cultural Center | Seattle Magazine

... sponsor, volunteer or shopper with the Marysville Farmers Market, your light gets “out” for all to see. •Contact Marysville Farmers Market manager Shawn Schrader at 425-359-4856 or email [email protected] Mary Salamon is publisher of Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine and oversees.
The victims were identified Wednesday as Lynnishia Larson, 16, of Marysville; Tyson Walker, 21 of Tulalip; Ariela Vendiola, 15, of Marysville; and Dylan. less than a year after the October shooting at the school when a 15-year-old freshman shot five other students, killing four, before taking his own life.

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This Is Boom City | Seattle Met

By Becca Verda Published in Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine “We respect our community of elders past and present, and pay attention to their good words.” Tulalip Tribe Value 1 of 7 [Tweet That] For the Tulalip Tribe, honoring elders is a tradition. It is the first of seven values that guide daily life for the tribe.
Jaylen's funeral service was October 29 in the Don Hatch Youth Center at Tulalip. A celebration of Zoe's life took place on November 1 at Word of Life Lutheran Brethren Church in Marysville. At the time of Jaylen's funeral, the Tulalip Tribes issued a statement explaining that while it does not condone his ...

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HOME SRVS PROJECT SPECIALIST - MARYSVILLE/TULALIP at Home Depot in Marysville, WA | Black Enterprise

The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce Newsletter November 2009 In This Issue Changes to our Board of Directors The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Sven Mogelgaard of Byte Slaves Computing, and ex-officio Pastor Larry Gardner of Marysville First Assembly of God for their invaluable service on our Board of Directors.
Unfortunately, due to scheduling changes for both, they will be unable to continue serving at this time.
Stepping in to fill the needs of our ex-officio community representative for our Churches is Pastor Greg Kanehen of Marysville Free Methodist Church.
We thank all of these wonderful gentlemen for their generous contributions of time and effort to our Chamber and its' Board, past and future.
They are one of only two dealerships in WashingtonState to be recognized.
Emphasizing marysville tulalip life magazine good news is the announcement of RV Business magazine's Top 50 RV Dealers in North America, which included local dealership Roy Robinson RV Center in Marysville, Washington.
The response was overwhelming in spite of the general economic atmosphere this year.
You know they have to be doing something right to not only withstand the down economy, but to exemplify best business practices at the same time.
After the applications were collected, a panel of independent industry judges convened to review the applications and select the Top 50.
Criteria were not based on sales, but on customer service and satisfaction, employee training and education, and sound planning and initiatives.
This can lotto zahlen online vergleichen doubt, five times as many applicants had to be cut than in 2008, which made it a difficult process for the judges, according to Goldenberg.
To view the complete list of the Top 50 dealers and to learn more about members of the Leadership Alliance, visit.
this web page short, White Owl Arts Video Production Services can provide any video your business needs, at affordable rates.
For your free booklet, "The Business of Business Videos," by the award-winning video producer Hal Landen, simply call Diane at 360-653-6726 or email On Tuesday, November 10, the volunteer and intern contingent of The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commence went on what is becoming a much anticipated annual event, a Familiarization FAM tour of the.
On that morning, twenty two individuals boarded the official Tulalip van and, with the assistance of our driver, Larry, we were met by Sales Coordinator Malia Sterling.
To begin with, we were given overviews and explanations concerning the totem poles in the Resort lobby, as well as the significances of the Native American art and markings we saw and would see during our excursion.
Malia then proceeded to guide us through many of the rooms of the casino.
Our tour included a unique Sports Room that features a pool table, video games and a dart board, and a large suite built to accommodate a number of individuals in a gathering type setting.
We were all also treated to a excellent complimentary lunch at their Eagles Buffet, located in the casino portion of the Resort.
daily lotto california, everyone had a great time and we give appreciation to Malia, Larry and everyone at the Resort who helped make this trip the success it was.
FAM tours offer a unique opportunity to show off your business to our Visitor Center volunteers, who are then better prepared to make referrals to the thousands of we serve each month.
To host a FAM tour at your location, or find out more, call Bill Wheaton at 360 659-7700.
Marysville Mayor Dennis Kendall cuts the ribbon to celebrate the grand opening of Reset Games on Nov.
For co-owners Dennis Hall and Kathy Varner pictured to left and right of the Mayorthis is their second store, with their original store located in Bellingham.
The grand opening included prize drawings for Nintendo Wii consoles, gift cards and an afternoon of free pizza for guests and customers.
Reset Games is located at 8825 34th Ave.
NE, Suite D, next door to the Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Information Center.
Hours are Monday-Saturday 10 a.
Also pictured: Chamber Business Development Representative Terry Miranda far left and an unidentified man.
For more details contact Kathy Varner, 360.
In the last legislative session, a new law passed, changing the rules for buying products without paying sales tax.
On January 1, 2010, reseller permits issued by the Department of Revenue replace self-issued resale certificates.
This means resale certificates will no longer be valid after December 31, 2009.
The Department of Revenue has been letting businesses know about the change while working to make it simple to adapt to the new process.
In September, the Department click to see more all of Washington's actively reporting businesses letter with details about the new reseller permit.
More than 150,000 businesses meeting certain criteria automatically received a permit at that time.
Other businesses that may need a permit can apply for free at dor.
The permits do expire, and the length of time a permit is valid depends on the type of business and when it registered with the Department.
To recoup sales tax paid on items that get re-sold, check this out without permits can take a "Taxable Amount for Tax Paid at Source" deduction on their returns or request a refund.
Complete information, including a video tutorial, is posted at.
Northern Young Professionals Network Gives Back to Community The NYPN group collected more than 40lbs of food for the Marysville Food Bank at their last meeting on November 12 at the Mpulse Lounge, and volunteered their time the following Saturday assembling Thanksgiving food baskets.
Way to go NYPN!
To find out how you can get involved with this dynamic new networking group, call the Chamber 360 659-7700.
Monday, November 16 BY DON BRUNELL Businesses Key to Economic Recovery News from our partner, Association of Washington Business Now that voters have rejected Initiative 1033, the spending limit initiative, the talk in Olympia has turned to raising taxes.
Hiking taxes would be the wrong thing to do.
Our economy is just showing signs of recovery.
Cash is tight for employers and families, for charitable organizations, and government.
Taking more money from individuals and employers through higher taxes means less money for government and charities if businesses have to close or cut back further.
It is a vicious cycle.
So, how do we provide more funds for necessary government services, public schools, community colleges and universities without increasing taxes or fees?
The answer lies in the source of our tax revenue: the private sector.
In Washington, businesses pay more than half of our state and local tax revenue through property, business and occupation and sales taxes.
Private employers provide millions of jobs, enabling people to buy goods and services and pay their share of state and local taxes.
When businesses falter, tax revenues plummet and people get laid off, increasing the need for government services.
When merchants and manufacturers thrive, employers expand and modernize and hire more people and therefore everybody pays more taxes.
The key for the state then is to find ways to help businesses do better or at least do no further harm by hiking tax rates.
We learned this lesson the hard way 16 years ago.
In 1981 and 1993, our state found itself in bruising economic downturns.
Governors John Spellman, a Republican, and Democrat Mike Lowry and state lawmakers levied higher taxes.
In 1981, Spellman and controlling Republicans not only raised taxes, but they cut incentives that stimulated manufacturing investments.
In 1993, Lowry and the Democrat majority not only raised taxes but increased workers' compensation and unemployment costs and implemented a costly new government-mandated health system.
In both instances, employers were forced to lay people off and found they could not pass all of those added costs on to their customers in the form of higher prices.
Draining fuel from engine Simply put, the tax-and-fee increases drained fuel from our economic engine, delaying our recovery.
Lowry also realized incentives make a difference.
In 1995, Lowry pushed the Legislature to approve a bill encouraging growth in the state's manufacturing sector.
The bill exempted manufacturers from the sales tax on new machinery, equipment, repair and replacement parts, and research and development.
Some lawmakers protested that the state would "lose" money.
But the incentive more than paid for itself in higher tax revenues and new businesses.
The exemption is still paying dividends.
No doubt the state's next revenue forecast will be down again, increasing the financial stress on government, public schools, colleges and universities.
As consumer confidence continues slipping, it means lower sales and less income for employers to hire, modernize or expand.
But as we saw in 1981 and 1993, raising taxes doesn't help, it only compounds the problem.
And our situation today is even worse.
The recession is far more severe, global competition is fierce and consumers are more cost-sensitive.
Raising taxes won't make consumers more confident, it won't create jobs, and it won't encourage employers to expand and hire.
We need to stimulate the private sector to lead us back to recovery.
Only by increasing employment, stimulating investments and restoring consumer confidence will we find solid ground in these shaky times.
Don Brunell is president of the Association of Washington Business, Washington state's chamber of commerce.
Health Care Reform US Chamber Updates "The House missed a significant opportunity to advance reasonable and meaningful health reform that fundamentally changes how the health care system operates and changes the overall upward trajectory in spending," said Bruce Josten, the Chamber's executive vice president of Marysville tulalip life magazine Affairs.
The bill, which passed 220-215 with just one Republican vote, would create massive new tax burdens on individuals and small business owners without reducing the soaring cost of health coverage for businesses or individuals.
It would also create a public option and require all but the smallest employers to provide coverage to their employees.
Now the fight moves to the Senate, which must pass its own version of a bill.
The Chamber and other business organizations have mounted an all-out attack against defective health care reform proposals, forming a coalition representing hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes from all 50 states and nearly every sector of the economy.
The Employers for a Healthy Economy, which includes the National Association marysville tulalip life magazine Manufacturers, the National Retail Federation, and marysville tulalip life magazine National Federation of Independent Businesses, launched a nationwide advertising campaign targeting the House health care bill in the days before the vote.
The "Millions" ad, which ran in 33 congressional districts in 19 states,warned that the House proposal could wipe out even more jobs, raise costs, and put employers' and employees' current health care benefits at risk.
Tom Donohue, President and CEO, U.
Chamber of Commerce The health care reform debate has had more plot twists and drama than a soap opera--and there's more to come!
The latest development is passage of a bill by the Senate Finance Committee.
Although it roxy symbols the best bill yet, the committee missed an opportunity to craft truly bipartisan legislation.
Here's what the U.
Chamber likes and doesn't like about it.
On the plus side, the Finance Committee bill streamlines enrollment for the 11 million uninsured Americans who are already eligible--but have yet to sign up--for Medicaid and SCHIP; pays doctors to lotto angels efficient, effective, and keep you healthy; and includes broad new flexibility for the continuing improvement of programs like Medicare through the creation of an "innovation center" that will help control costs.
This legislation also creates health insurance exchanges, giving individuals and small businesses a streamlined marketplace where they can make apples-to-apples comparisons and choose the plan that best meets their needs.
But when it comes to reducing the ever-escalating cost of care for both consumers and employers, this bill makes things worse.
The true cost of the bill is hidden, as it is based on the assumption that Medicare will cut payments to medical providers by 20%.
The bill also punishes employers who don't offer health insurance--or whose plan is deemed "unaffordable"--by imposing a new excise tax.
Employees who receive insurance credits should not represent burdens on employers--this could have the unintended consequence of discouraging businesses from hiring low-wage workers.
In the weeks ahead, the U.
Chamber is going to with members of Congress from both parties to try and ensure that the final version of health care reform addresses the major challenges--controlling costs, improving quality, and expanding access--without adding to the deficit, raising taxes in uncertain economic times, or burdening America's job creators.
The American people deserve a bipartisan solution to ensure that they have access to affordable, high-quality care.
To accomplish this, we need to hear from you.
I and my staff would like to visit your businesses and see first hand what your challenges and successes are, and brainstorm together for ways that your Chamber can help you meet your goals.
Our ability to work together is especially critical during these tough times, and I want to ensure that we are supporting you in every way possible.
Please email me at to set up a time that I could visit you.
This week, we had the pleasure of seeing Sheila Frazier's stunning new offices for.
The professional staff, high tech equipment and elegant atmosphere provides the perfect location to outsource your administrative tasks, host a meeting using their lovely conference room, have a resume professionally redone, and much more.
Sheila is also a Notary Public.
Sheila Frazier, Eaglenest Secretarial Services, Inc.
A word from Sheila: November 11, 2009 Kimberlie, I very much enjoyed having you and Caldie visit my place of business.
Gave you a much better view of what we were and are about!
Already upgraded my HOT DEALS on the website!!!!
I will work on the advertising thing and get it back to you!
Thanks again for the opportunity to share wales v ireland six nations new location with you and Caldie.
Sheila Frazier, President Eaglesnest Secretarial Service, Inc.
Click below to read the Chamber's resolutions on these issues: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
To promote world-class customer service skills and further the economic success of our communities, fully paid scholarships are now available for business owners or a key employee to attend SuperHost training at Everett Community College.
In order to provide this training to as many businesses as possible, only one scholarship per organization will be available on a first come, first serve basis, so don't delay in reserving your spot.
The training will prepare your business for Olympic 2010 travelers and successful participants will receive Olympic pins and certification signaling your organization's training and expertise.
SuperHost Fundamentals is an internationally accredited one-day 8 hour workshop that teaches front-line employees important, practical skills and techniques for providing excellent customer service.
The internationally recognized SuperHost Fundamentals Certificate is highly valued by employers throughout the service and hospitality industries seeking staff who are well-trained in providing exceptional customer service.
How will this customer service training benefit your business?
There will be two Saturday classes for those who cannot get away during the week.
The one day class is from 8AM to 5PM, bring your own lunch.
Workbooks will be given to each attendee, along with certificates and pins awarded upon completion.
Training dates are: January 14, January 16, January 21, and January 23, 2010.
How will the 2010 Olympics impact our area?
Historical information received from the Salt Lake City Olympic Games indicated the average length of stay was 3 ½ days.
Based on the above data, a prediction model anticipates an increase of 7,577 people traveling I-5 on a daily basis.
Our goal is to provide world-wide standards of customer service excellence to our area merchants designed not only to serve these unique guests but to do it in a manner that elicits their return both as travelers and as potential business relocations.
To request a scholarship, please contact the Bill Wheaton at the Chamber at 360 659-7700, or email Scholarships are paid in full and available to any area business, limited to one employee per firm, first come, first serve.
Looking for those unique gifts?
Online shoppers may find themselves endlessly clicking tabs and reading page after page of item descriptions to find products that are designed for the northwest lifestyle.
In contrast, agree, lotto result 6/49 july 12 2018 sorry visiting the merchants here in north Snohomish County, shoppers will be rewarded with a selection of unique items stocked to satisfy local customer demand.
After all, who knows local consumers better than a business owner who lives in the community?
With holiday shopping gearing up, consider shifting 10 percent of your purchases away from the Internet and back to your local stores.
The 10 Percent Shift, an initiative that was started in New England and has made its way across the country to the northwest, is an easy way to help stimulate the hometown economy while checking off your gift list.
Along with a healthier local economy, buying local helps support the vital efforts of community service groups who provide for our less fortunate neighbors during the holidays.
Operation Marysville Community Christmas depends on donations from local businesses and residents who stop by the big red barrels while visiting their neighborhood stores, and other local agencies are gathering resources to serve the needy.
So don't make an unnecessary trip to the North Pole for those special holiday gifts.
Look no further than your local retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues to make your holiday shiny and bright.
Call the Chamber at 360 659-7700 to advertise in Buy Local and reach over 97,000 Snohomish County residents.
This festive mixer will be held at the Chamber with delicious catered appetizer, wine tasting with John Bell of Willis Hall, and of course, 100 or more of your friends and business partners - come and mingle with the ones you know, and get to know those you don't!
Please RSVP your attendance to 360 659-7700, or by email to.
Event Location: The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber Office 8825 34th Avenue NESuite C TulalipWA 98271 Date: Thursday, December 3, 2009 Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm Membership Testimonials Hand in hand with our Buy Local program, we are asking for Chamber members to come forward with their stories about their successful shopping experiences with fellow Chamber members.
Here's our first round!
Cheers for Marysville Globe!
He really seems like he truly wants me to succeed.
With their new leadership, online advertising openings, and more people looking to buy local and focus on their towns, I think the Globe is a welcome and necessary part of our community.
Pacific Rim Supper Club and Merrill Gardens host two Business After Hours Attending a Chamber Business After Hours at Pacific Rim were from left Jim McKeon, Caldie Rogers, Eric Emery, Cindy Brengman and Barbara Chapman.
Photo check this out of North County Outlook.
Thelocated at 3228 Marine Dr.
From the gourmet appetizers, fine wines provided by Eric Emery ofand the elegant atmosphere, the evening was a delight all around.
The Pacific Rim Supper Club offers a mix of culinary delights combined with live music ranging from Jazz to Blues to ballroom big band sounds and cultural styles, as well as incredibly fun local live dinner theatre.
Need a fabulous venue for your holiday event?
Call Cindy Langmas for early booking discounts for their banquet room at 360-659-0900.
MERRILL GARDENS Chamber members were treated like royalty at at a second Business After Hours on Nov.
The chefs at Merrill Gardens served delicious seafood appetizers, teriyaki chicken strips and tasty quiches, complemented by the award winning wines ofMarysville's only winery.
Guests enjoyed the relaxing, elegant ambiance and networked in several rooms, while some enjoyed a complimentary massage.
White Owl Arts Videography was also at the After Hours, taking reservations to preserve memories with free video portraits.
Merrill Gardens is located at 9802 48th Dr.
NE in Marysville, behind Fred Meyers, and offers many unique features for retirement living.
Merrill Gardens' communities offer apartments with generous living space as well as a choice of floor plans to suit your needs.
There's no buy-in required and the month to month fee includes all of the comforts of home.
Merrill Gardens also features an exclusive Anytime Dining program to residents.
This innovative program gives residents the flexibility to enjoy restaurant style meals on their own schedule.
To find out more information, or take a tour, contact Barbara Brotherton at 360 659-1279 or email.
Travel Leaders get First Chance to Sail on World's Largest Cruise Ship Alex Trettin and Nate Maher of Travel Leaders will be among the first ever to experience the world's largest cruise ship, the Oasis of the Seas!
This ship just arrived in Ft.
Lauderdale from the shipyard on November 13, 2009.
Some of these unique features include Central Park, the first park at sea with nearly 12,000 plants and trees; Boardwalk, a family oriented environment with a hand carved carousel; a thrilling zip wire ride that races diagonally over Boardwalk 90 feet above the deck; 28 multilevel loft suites boasting floor-to-ceiling windows; and the AquaTheater - an amphitheater style space that serves as a lotto ladbrokes by day and a dazzling oceanfront theater by night.
The 225,000-ton Oasis of the Seas is 40% larger than the next largest cruise ship and 5 times larger than the Titantic.
She carries 6,600 passengers and over 2,000 crew.
She is 16 decks tall, 154 feet wide, and almost 1200 feet long.
By comparison, Titanic was 46,000 tons; 900 feet long; 90 feet wide; 10 decks high; and carried 1300 passengers and 900 crew.
Stay tuned for the next newsletter when Nate shares his experience on this world's-first ship, and brings us pictures!
Travel Leaders is now located in the same offices as the Chamber at 8825 34th Avenue NE, Suite C, Tulalip, WA.
Come in to book your next vacation, or visit them on the web at Membership Matters!
Here are some important announcements from our members: Chamber Member News: Marysville Historical Society Presents: SANTA in the Park!
Saturday, December 5 10am - 4pm Gehl House in Jennings Park For more details, click here or contact the Historical Society at 360 659-3090.
Are you downsizing your home?
Remember the Historical Society!
We may be interested in what you've got tucked away in your attic.
Visit our location at 1508 B Third Street or visit our website at.
Professor Manny Juzon, a charismatic, student oriented instructor who regularly teaches Columbia College online management courses, will be instructing "International Business" as a hybrid course.
The "in-seat" portion of the course will meet every Tuesday evening, 7:30-10 PM and the remainder will be conducted online.
To view the course syllabus, go toselect "Course Schedule", click into the January Term and then open the International Business course syllabus.
Please call the campus office if you'd like to know more 425-304-4480 Columbia College, 13910-45th Ave.
Sunnyside Kindergarten will equip children with a life-long love of learning, a positive attitude towards new discoveries, and a willingness to take risks.
We encourage all children to play, interact, and investigate through a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that provide the practice of new skills in multiple ways.
Box 2656, Stanwood, WA 98292 Pratt Pest Management NW your trusted source for Pest Management Service since 1985 also has a Plant Health Care division to protect your Trees, Shrubs and Landscape investment.
Chamber Members receive a 10% discount.
The program is offered K-5 at Quil Ceda Elementary.
Every student has a volunteer in the program and each participating family is required to commit to two and one-half hours of classroom service per week, per student.
This volunteer time is usually, but not always, spent working with students in the classroom.
Parents can be found tutoring, assisting small groups, leading groups on field trips, as well as assisting the teacher in many other ways.
The Marysville School District's Open Enrollment process happens in the spring for all elementary schools in the district.
Families can enroll during this time for the following year.
Should there be more families enrolling than spots available a lottery will be conducted.
Those students not making the lottery will be placed on a waiting list if desired.
MCEP does accept in-district transfers for the current year through December of that year.
The best part is marysville tulalip life magazine for those who have friends or relatives in other countries the texting includes unlimited texting to 111 countries!
If any members would like more information they can visit us here at here 171st PL NE in Marysville near the old Linen N Things or call us at 360-652-2059 Option 2.
Stephen McNulty, Store Manager 2701 171st PL NE, Ste 205, Marysville, WA 98271 Store: 360.
Our rates are very reasonable, and your pet will have a relaxing and thorough grooming experience.
We offer a free tote bag to first time customers, and 10% off to Chamber members.
Just remember - Dogs Spread Rumors about Good Groomers!
Please listen in on a conference call Tuesday, Nov 24th, to become better informed about equipment leasing, one of these investment options that has done well in the current economy.
The getaways offer guests the chance to enjoy the property's luxurious accommodations at an amazing value - whether they are Vancouver residents seeking an escape from Olympic crowds or enthusiasts traveling to and from the games.
Each of the getaways lotto checker mersey entry to Tulalip Resort Casino's Olympic Village where guests can enjoy daily continental breakfast, continuous coverage of Olympic events on big screens and happy hour cocktails and hors d' oeuvres.
Non-refundable deposits are required at time of booking and vary per package.
Rates are exclusive of tax and cancellation restrictions apply.
Package is available Friday, Feb.
Package is valid for arrival between Friday, Feb.
Package is valid for arrival between Friday, Feb.
For information or to make reservations please call 866 716-7162 or visit www.
Answer: They all offer degrees for folks who reside in Snohomish County.
In 2005 the legislature authorized Everett Community College to develop the University Center of North Puget Sound.
We've grown and the University Center now hosts fifteen bachelor's and master's degrees available through evening or weekend classes in the Everett area, and twelve degrees through online study.
If you, an employee, a friend or family member wants to advance their education, the opportunity might be right here.
Look over the list of degrees at.
Come to an information session or make an individual appointment with an advisor by calling 425-259-8900.
We are always looking out for your interests and strive to keep you informed on issues that will affect your business.
The City, Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber of Commerce and CGI Communications, Inc.
Click on the Marysville Video TourBook graphic to select the video of your choice to watch.
The one-minute streaming video segments feature a welcome from Mayor Dennis Kendall, quality of life, recreation and things to do, economic development, education, Marysville Healthy Communities Project, accommodations and other topics that market Marysville and Tulalip to prospective visitors, newcomers, businesses and residents.
The program is offered in partnership with the U.
Conference of Mayors and Association of Washington Cities.
The videos were shot at no cost to the City, says Doug Buell, Community Information Officer.
Local businesses purchased advertising space and their own video ads in the background around the video player screen as the movie streams.
Our Partnerships The Greater Marysville Tulalip Chamber lotto suomi numerot Commerce If you do not wish to continue receiving this newsletter, use the "Safe Unsubscribe" button at the bottom.

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